COVID-19 update

COVID-19 update

Important Information - updated 10 January 2022

NMIT COVID-19 Vaccination Policy: update

On 17 December the NMIT Board approved a COVID-19 vaccination policy [PDF, 287 KB] which affects all staff, current and future learners at NMIT. The policy has been adopted in response to public health requirements for COVID-19.

Anyone attending, studying, working at, or visiting NMIT sites must be fully vaccinated, regardless of the traffic light setting the region is operating in. 

This policy does not apply to secondary school students who are involved in secondary-tertiary provision at an NMIT site, as per the Ministry of Education guidelines in the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

The COVID-19 vaccination policy was developed because of the position statement adopted by Te Pūkenga, the parent organisation for NMIT and the network of polytechnics in New Zealand.

Its position states that anyone visiting a Te Pūkenga network location (employees, learners, contractors, visitors, etc.) must be fully vaccinated, unless a local risk assessment determines otherwise. 

Under this default position NMIT completed a thorough risk assessment and the vaccination policy was confirmed by the Board on 17 December 2021. Approval of the final policy by Te Pūkenga is pending.

This decision was not taken lightly and followed a consultation period (10-16 December) during which over 50 submissions were received from NMIT staff, the student executive, learners, and members of the public.

It is an extension of manaakitanga to all who engage in NMIT activities, combined with our duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, to help ensure the health and safety of all.

What does this mean for learners at NMIT in 2022?

Due to the introduction of a vaccination policy, to either enrol on a programme or continue on a current programme you are required to provide evidence of a Vaccine Pass to attend NMIT campus activities as from 21 February 2022.

Please provide a copy of your Vaccine Pass to, or drop in to see one of our enrolment teams before 1pm on 21 December 2021 or on any date between 5 January and 21 February 2022. Alternatively, you can call 0800 422 733 to discuss other options.  

This requirement also applies to all visitors, staff and tenants on NMIT Campuses from this date.

Learners who do not have a Vaccine Pass.  

If you choose to remain unvaccinated or refuse to provide evidence of a Vaccine Pass after 21 February 2022, we will work through the learning options open to you.

Depending on the programme you are enrolled in, options to continue learning with us without a Vaccine Pass will be limited.  Some programmes require students to undertake industry work placements, which have mandated vaccinations as a requirement for staff.

To talk through learning options for unvaccinated learners with someone, please reply via this link(external link) or ring 0800 422 733.  

If you decline to provide your Vaccine Pass you will be considered as unvaccinated and will be assessed the same way as unvaccinated learners. 

If you have any question on NMIT’s COVID-19 Policy, please email

We appreciate this issue of COVID-19 vaccinations is an emotive one and this policy may not be welcomed by all.

For anyone who chooses not to be vaccinated, we commit to work through any reasonable alternative options in an open and supportive manner, to ensure where possible they can continue to study at NMIT.

Wayne Jackson
Chief Executive


View the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy [PDF, 287 KB] here.

Why mandate COVID-19 vaccinations?

It is important all staff and learners have the confidence to attend campus as safely as possible and not contract an illness that may affect their whānau or community.

Alongside public health measures, mandatory vaccination allows us to offer on-campus learning at all COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light(external link)) settings.

Although our region is in Orange under the COVID-19 Protection Framework(external link), it is possible it could change to Red anytime. We encourage everyone to be prepared. 

COVID-19 Vaccination for NMIT staff

The policy states only staff, students, contractors, visitors and members of the public who are COVID-19 vaccinated (and can provide evidence of such) are permitted onsite.

 All staff are required to have verified their full COVID-19 vaccination status by 11.59pm on 31 January 2022.

In order to verify your COVID-19 vaccination status please email a screenshot of your My Vaccine Pass to or show it to People & Organisation Development (POD) staff.

We encourage you to do this any time prior to 1 February 2022. Please ensure your contact details are up to date on HR kiosk.

If you have any concerns please discuss with your manager, People & Organisation Development or email

Staff who choose not to get COVID-19 vaccinated

People & Organisation Development will work through the options open to staff who choose to remain unvaccinated after the 1 February deadline.

Depending on the risk assessment of their role, unvaccinated staff may require a change in duties, work from home, or cessation of employment. Each case will be assessed individually.

Staff who decline to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status will be considered as unvaccinated and will be assessed the same way as unvaccinated staff.

Medical exemptions and My Vaccine Pass

In rare medical situations, some people may be able to apply for a temporary medical exemption from being vaccinated against COVID-19. This will allow them to get a domestic vaccination status certificate (My Vaccine Pass).

The application is submitted to the temporary medical exemptions panel run by the Ministry of Health.

A member of the public cannot apply for an exemption for themselves. Their usual medical practitioner or nurse practitioner can apply on their behalf. 

The application may only be on the grounds that the person meets the specified exemption criteria.

A letter of exemption has to be issued by the Ministry of Health. Read more(external link) about the exemption process.

COVID-19 vaccination and testing information  

To find out where the Covid-19 vaccination clinics and testing stations are operating in our region please visit the Nelson Marlborough Health website(external link) 

For all other COVID-19 questions please call COVID-19 helpline: 0800 358 5453 


COVID-19 Vaccination Policy FAQs

Q Will NMIT accept a negative test result instead of a valid My Vaccine Pass?
A Under the NMIT vaccination policy only learners, staff and visitors who have a My Vaccine Pass are permitted onsite. A negative test result from a nasopharyngeal (PCR), saliva or rapid antigen test (RAT) alone is not acceptable.

Q I’m an international student. I haven’t paid my fees or booked my flights. When do you need to see My Vaccine Pass?
A When you have paid your fees. Please obtain your Vaccine Pass(external link).

Q My Vaccine Pass expires during my studies. What do I do?
A Please organise another vaccine pass and email it to

Q I’m studying a fully online programme/course. Do I need a My Vaccine Pass?
A if you wish to come onsite to an NMIT campus, to visit tutors, the library, or any on campus facilities, you will require a a valid My Vaccine Pass from 21 February 2022.

Q Do I need to be vaccinated to enrol on a programme? 
A Under the NMIT vaccination policy it will be a requirement for all students to be COVID-19 vaccinated to enter any NMIT campuses from 21 February 2022.  

Learners who are fully COVID-19 vaccinated or hold a government-approved exemption and have a valid My Vaccine Pass can attend campus activities as normal. 

Learners who choose not to be vaccinated may have a limited selection of online programmes available to them.  
Please note: some blended learning programmes (mixing online and onsite) may have site or industry requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Q My programme starts before I am required to have my first vaccination. Can I go to class? 
A Yes, provided your programme is not covered by the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021(external link), which requires workers in schools, the hospitality and service industries such as hair, beauty and restaurant, and the fitness sector, to be COVID-19 vaccinated.   

To meet the NMIT vaccination policy requirements learners will need to have had their first COVID-19 vaccination by 11.59 pm 31 January 2022 to meet the fully vaccinated deadline by 21 February 2022
Q What if I can’t complete my course because I can’t attend on campus or onsite activities? 
A Learners in this situation should contact Information and Enrolments at or call 0800 422 733 or contact them via this link(external link) to discuss possible options to complete their qualification. 

Q Will I get a refund if I can’t attend my programme due to my vaccination status
A Those students who are not able to attend a programme starting in 2022 due to their COVID-19 vaccination status may apply for a refund. Students requesting a refund must formally cancel their enrolment on a course or programme by following the procedures set out in the Withdrawal Procedure(external link).  

Enrolment cancellation is possible at any time before or on the programme start date.

Fee penalties will apply for any enrolments cancelled after the first 21 days of a programme, or after 14 days of a programme or course that is longer than 8 weeks and shorter than 12 weeks. 

For further information contact Information and Enrolments at or call 0800 422 733 or contact them via this link(external link).  

Q What programmes can I do online that do not require a vaccination or an onsite or industry placement? 
A Learners who choose not to be COVID-19 vaccinated may have a limited selection of options available to them. Book a free career conversation(external link) to discuss your options. 

Q Is there support available for online study? 
A NMIT has a variety of support options available(external link) to help online study 

Q Do I need to wear a mask in class? 
A Only if you are working closely (within 1 metre) of another person or we are in RED under the traffic light system 

Q Why are the dates for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination different for students and staff? 
A Staff will be on campus before students and preparing for teaching.  The later date is appropriate for students as some are still making decisions about their study based on exam results and entry.  

Q What if I can’t get My Vaccine Pass?  
A Refer to the government COVID-19 website(external link)  If you have any problems, please email your enquiry to and they will respond with step-by-step instructions.  Many pharmacies are offering to help obtain passes. 

Q My workshop or training placement takes place outside an NMIT site— do I need to be COVID-19 vaccinated? 
A You will need to follow the guidelines of the location where you are receiving the training or get in touch with Information and Enrolments to discuss your individual situation. Check your programme details or contact or call 0800 422 733 or via this link(external link).  

Q I access a building that is on an NMIT campus but is independently operated. Do I have to be COVID-19 vaccinated? 
A NMIT tenants will operate in line with our vaccination policy which states only staff, students, contractors, visitors and members of the public who are COVID-19 vaccinated (and can provide evidence of such) are permitted onsite.


Learning in Orange

Our region is currently under Orange.

Face coverings or masks 

  • Learners and staff are expected to bring their own masks every day and have them with them at all times.
  • Wearing a mask or face covering is recommended in all interactions where 1 metre physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Contact tracing and QR code scanning

  • All staff, learners and visitors to our campuses must either scan a QR code with the COVID-19 Tracer App or make a manual record as they move around campus.  Please check that Bluetooth has been enabled on the app.
  • Each NMIT building has its own QR code (except for Richmond and Marlborough Campuses).
  • There is a QR code for each business onsite (for instance SANITI, Ake Ake)
  • Registers and sanitisation stations are in all buildings.

Please note: Everyone using the Mahitahi Colab area will need to show their valid My Vaccine Pass. 

More info

Please check for updates here on the NMIT website, or the NMIT(external link) or NMIT Current Students(external link) Facebook pages.

Staff can visit NMIT Polly(external link) for more information. 

Who do I contact at NMIT for support?  

For any academic enquiries please email your tutor in the first instance.  

For any urgent 24/7 care please call: 0800 718 277

SANITI - independent support.

SANITI is able to provide support and guidance for students.  Details on the SANITI website(external link).



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